Tuesday, March 24, 2009


This morning I discovered that someone had broken into my car sometime during the night.   Well, maybe "broken into" isn't exactly the right choice of words, considering my car was not locked in the first place.  And nothing was stolen either.  Unless the thief wanted some scratched up kid CD's or a dog leash or a spare diaper, my stinky mini van really contains nothing of thief value. 

My kids lectured me on the ride to school about how I should always lock my car.  My mom told me the same thing when I went over there this morning.  But I never lock my car.  This is just one thing you probably know about me if you know me.  And here are some other things I'm notorious for:
  • I don't lock our house door either.
  • I lose lids.  Lids to spice jars, milk jugs, diaper cream, toothpaste tubes, to name a few.
  • I break things.  Drinking glasses mostly.  Or if they don't break, I chip them and then keep using them.  This is really unsettling to Mom C. but I tell her that I can't possibly throw out a $35 Denby mug and that she should sip from the unchipped side.
  • I hardly ever answer the phone.  Mostly it is because I can never find it or get to it in 3 rings but also because I'm simply not a "phone person."
  • If you do leave a message, I may not get back to you.
  • I also don't really reply to e mails.  I read them and appreciate them, and I mean to get back to them when I have time, but then I forget.
  • I rarely open mail, unless it is fun, like a letter from someone, a magazine, or something I ordered in the mail.
  • After wiping down the counter I often leave the dish cloth in clump instead of hanging it to dry.
  • Sometimes I use the same cloth to wipe the counter, wash the floor and wipe my kid's faces.
  • I cannot talk about money.  Which is one reason why I don't open the mail (it may be from the bank).  Talking about money makes me hot and sweaty and defensive and often makes me cry.  I probably should get some counseling.  Poor husband.
Well, that is 10 things.  I think that is enough for the night, don't you?


Lisa said...

well... glad to know that you do appreciate emails haha even if you don't reply!!

I, too, get VERY sweaty and hot and want to cry when it comes to money... and I am only 22..this concerns me!

I would probably make people drink out of the chipped mugs that I will most likely break too... Denby IS expensive!!!

Just know that you are loved very much and for all of those very things:)... i may not use your wash clothes again though!

xoxo Love Lis

Andrea said...

I am proud to say that I knew every single one of these things. Really! Does that boost me to the top of the list? This was a gooder, Beck.
Will you still Blog from Hawaii? What else will I do every day when I am drinking my coffee and procrastinating about looking for a job : )

Love and kisses,