Friday, March 6, 2009



I'm kind of obsessing on Clara's paintings and drawings right now.  I just hung this Georgia O'Keefe inspired flower above my desk.  And I just dropped off a Lauren Harris landscape to be stretched that she just finished at her 4 Cats class.  The flower feels very Spring and makes me happy.  I'm ignoring the forecast of possible snow tomorrow.

Anyway, the kids and I are looking forward to our 16 day Spring Break.  We all came up with 4 ideas each, of things we would like to do and accomplish (we collectively decided on Will's for him).  

  1. go on the bus with Uncle Josh
  2. have a bike race, with Daddy and Mommy and Clara and Will in the middle
  3. go to Science World
  4. have a sports day and do a wheel barrow race, running and jumping race
  1. go to the Aquarium
  2. go to a fun park
  3. see Maddy
  4. go to the beach
  1. learn to sleep at night, or at least sleep for 4 hours
  2. go to a gymnastics class
  3. go to the library
  4. have a race and do tug o' war 
  1. go to Granville Island and watch a performance at the Carousel Theatre
  2. hang pictures on my feature wall in my studio
  3. go to Whistler with the family and take the kids skiing
  4. pack a picnic and go to Lighthouse Park 
I took this picture without the kids seeing me (the benefits of a long lens).  These are moments that make my heart warm...watching the 3 kids play together.  Here they are giggling and playing paddy cake on our bed:

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Jules said...

Hey you! Let us know if you are doing Whistler... maybe we will come up for the day! Maddy and Dean and Seb would LOVE it! Have you told the kids about The Gym yet?