Monday, March 30, 2009


Kona, Hawaii

We made it!  

I always imagine that the 6 hour flight with 3 kids is going to be a lot worse than it is.  Sam and Clara watched a movie and promptly fell asleep, and Will was completely entertained with the man sitting behind us and by throwing things at me.  He was the most wired and it did require Jake to do some of his Daddy bouncing moves for him to finally go to sleep.

As expected, the day started at 4:52am Hawaii time.  Since it was still dark out, Jake convinced them to go back to bed until it was light.  An hour later, the day officially begun.  

First, a dip in the hot tub and the pool.

And then a golf cart ride to get mommy a coffee.  Sam is OBSESSED with the golf cart this trip. He just sits in it in the garage waiting for someone to take him for a ride.

While Jake went to Costco and Safeway to stock up on groceries and supplies (it was not a pleasant trip by all accounts), the kids and I swam some more, 

went on another golf cart ride, 

and picked out an ice cream at the store which we then ate at Turtle Park.

Sam beat me at Spiderman Memory.

The kids worked on their foam mosaics.  Will ate lots of foam.

And when Jake returned from his 3 hour grocery adventure, we went to the hotel pool, where we had some Otter Pops,

made some new friends,

and played...

Clara said that this was the best day ever.  Sam wants to know when he can go on the golf cart again?


Lisa said...

looks so beautiful!!!! send me an email when you get a chance to touch base about Kirby!

3caratdiamond family said...

Im worried..3 hour grocery trip? that wasn't so fun EEK :O|||

looking is the weather??? lol

Lori said...

Your pictures look amazing. i hope you guys have a wonderful trip!!

Andrea said...

I am so happy that you are blogging your trip! Love, love, love it!