Tuesday, March 10, 2009


according to clara

  • Do, wear head to toe in all one colour.  Match, match, match! 
  • Do, wear pink and purple.  
  • Do, wear all the things you love at the same time.  Layering is good.
  • Do, wear all the same print.  Floral pants with a floral shirt?  Go for it!
  • Do, wear anything with sparkles, applique, rainbows, butterflies and flowers.
  • Do, accessorize.  Can't decide which necklace to wear? Wear them all!
And here is Clara putting on her purple eyeshadow and face glitter?  She has not learned this from me.  I seriously have the same mascara and lipstick I bought for my wedding almost 9 years ago (I saw on Oprah once that this is actually quite gross and I should be throwing them out immediately). I called for her the other day, "Clara...time to get in the car" and she answers, "Mom...I just putting on my make up."  

I admit, it was difficult for me when she first decided she wanted to pick out her own outfit for the day.  I think we had a fight about it and I think I even made her cry.  I have come a long way.  First, we compromised and we agreed that we would take turns picking out the daily ensemble.  But now, I just tell her how beautiful she looks no matter what she appears from her room wearing.  And I mean it...she is so beautiful.

Besides, I get to dress Will.

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