Sunday, March 22, 2009


It was Hannah's Fairy Party today at 2:00pm, before we got the call at 1:00pm to say she had the flu and it would have to be postponed.  Clara was all fairied up and ready to go...tattoos, glitter, pink eyeshadow and henna, all applied.  I consoled her with some hot chocolate, made with melted chocolate wafers and steamed milk.

Get better soon, Hannah!


Lisa said...

wow where did you get all of that done??? Clara, you look like such a beautiful fairy princess!!!

andrea said...

Poor Hannah and Poor Clara! Did you do the Henna? This looks so cool, Beck!
Maybe we can squeeze in one last visit this week, before you head off for your looooonnggg vacation!

Me xo

Rebecca said...

Did it at home...Clara has a henna marker which is really fun. Visit would be nice Annie. I'll phone you. XOXOX

3caratdiamond family said...

this looks AMAZING SIS!!! nice job.