Tuesday, December 21, 2010


On the 11th (where did the last 10 days go!?) we got our Christmas tree. I decided sometime in June, that this year we would cut down our Christmas tree instead of going to the parking lot at the bottom of Taylor way. I figure it would be more of an "experience" and maybe even the start of a new tradition. My husband was really, really cranky about the hour and a half car ride it took to get there. Not even Neil Diamond's Christmas or the kid's fighting in the backseat could take the edge off. But despite the shaky start, I think it was a memory maker. And our Christmas tree has never smelled so lovelier!

Monday, December 13, 2010


Bob (the elf) told us to visit Santa at the mall and get our picture taken. But the Santa at the Park Royal mall is not just any Santa...he is the real thing. He is the best Santa ever! I talked about him here last year.

I don't know if it is our impeccable timing or not, but for the third year running, there is no line up and we essentially have Santa all to ourselves for over 30 minutes...chatting, asking questions, having some candy cane and basically chillin with the man in red.

This is Will's face moments after spotting Santa for the first time. He is saying "no like Santa," although after 30 minutes, he did give Santa a high five. Santa referred to Will twice as my little girl (because of the hair). So we had a haircut the next day (it was time).

Clara and Sam brought their Christmas wish lists from the fridge as well as a list of questions...all of which mall Santa answered.

Clara's "qustins" this year:
  • Dear Santa, how do you get presents on Christmas?
  • How did you become Santa?
  • Why is green and red Christmas colours?
  • How can raindeer fly?
  • Is the Rooduf story realow?
  • Why does nobody see you on Christmas?
  • What do you do when it is not Christmas?
PS. I have something speshle for you. Love Clara.

Monday, December 6, 2010


I normally just write a list of the things I would like to do in December with the kids, but this year, Bob the elf is making an appearance. He comes each night and leaves an envelope under one of the kid's doors with an activity or small gift, to count down to Christmas. I got this idea from Tara Whitney...go here to see.

So...we are starting 6 days into the month. Bob is known to be a bit tardy, but he explained to the kids that he had a sore tummy and bad gas from all the egg nog lattes he has consumed.

Activity for today: decorate the windows with holiday stencils. Bob even left a gift, with all the supplies they will need as well as instructions to clean up the mess afterwards!

This is the end result:

With 18 more nights to go until Christmas, here are some other activities Bob might tell the kids to do:

Go cut down your Christmas tree
Make breakfast for dinner and eat in your jammies
Make Christmas cookies and share them with a neighbour
Take some peppermint hot chocolate to the Festival of Lights in Dundarave
Go for a ride on the Stanley Park Christmas train
Family game night by the fire
Go visit Santa and get your picture taken
Make some Christmas ornaments
Go caroling and sing as loud as you want
Cuddle under a blanket and watch a Christmas movie
String a popcorn garland
Go ice skating on an outdoor rink
Buy a new Christmas book
Go see the Christmas lights at the Capilano Suspension Bridge
Snowshoe to Hollyburn Lodge for some hot chocolate
Have a fondu by the fire
Bundle up and watch the carol ships go by
Play in the snow!

We also celebrated St. Nicholas Day thanks to Seema. We left our boots outside and in the morning they were filled with treats a few little toys (and indication that we have been good). Daddy got twigs in his boot (an indication that he was naughty) which upset Sam so much that I had to tell him that it was me who put twigs in his boot and not Nicholas. I think this made Sam even more upset. He continues to ask me why I would do such a mean prank. **Must remember to give Jake extra treats next year.

Saturday, December 4, 2010


Today my baby turned 3. I love him so, so much.

He really wanted a "gum party" so that is what we did today with a few of his friends.

(his invite, minus our address and phone number)

Upon waking up, I discovered him at the gingerbread decorating table having M+M's for his breakfast. He loves treats almost as much as his mommy.

When you ask him how old he is, he says three while holding up four fingers.

It was a good, noisy birthday. We made sure we has some of his favourite things...gum, pirate booty, boons (balloons), balls, wowipops (lollipops), and fart things (whoopie cushions).

May all your wishes come true William...

We love you!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Today was our first day of snow (at least on our street).

I woke up to the kids staring out our bedroom window talking in loud, excited voices. Sam asked if it was Christmas.

Literally moments later they had their snow gear on and were out on the street sledding, making snowmen and snow angels and having a snowball fight. By 1:00pm everyone came back inside to dry off and have some hot chocolate and tuna melts and play some games.

It was a good Saturday. The kind I like the best. Staying in my jammies all day, not having to rush anywhere and having a warm and cozy home to come back to after a play in the snow with my family.

Monday, November 15, 2010


We feel very fortunate to have been offered a place to stay at Whistler this past long weekend. It was a much needed family time, after we ditched the kids for 5 days when Jake and I went to Hawaii. Daddy has also been doing a lot of travel for work (very sad for us) and I have been on the computer more than ever, editing sessions.

These are some of the things we accomplished:
  • spiderman puzzle
  • scrabble junior
  • UNO
  • paper dolls
  • colouring
  • eating 5 bags of chips
  • 4 trips to the coffee store (for peppermint mochas and egg nog lattes)
  • 2 trips to the playground
  • a matinee with the big kids
  • reconnecting with friends (who I don't see nearly enough)
  • 1 village stroll
  • catching a few snowflakes on our tongues before it turned to rain
  • hours spent in the hot tub
  • hours spent in the sauna (Will and I thought it was too hot)
  • kicking back and being all together for 72 hours

Friday, November 12, 2010


Hello blog. I have missed you. I'm having difficulty finding the time to come here and post pictures and write stories.

Since my last post, we celebrated Halloween and Jake and I flew away to Hawaii for 5 nights without our children!! It was heavenly. I read an entire book. I drank and ate and slept and swam and slept and relaxed. Even the airplane ride was fun. And mostly, it was so nice to be with my husband without the distractions and demands of our children.

Thank you Seema for taking care of the wee ones. I know they worked you over. I hope they didn't scare you too much. We sure are glad you are here!