Wednesday, March 11, 2009


This morning I called up my friend Annie and essentially invited myself and my kids over to her house to play. I can always count on a cup of tea, a bowl of homemade soup, a coke zero (although it was sparkling water today) and good chats.

The girls dressed in some wedding outfits and wanted to get married.  Will became the bridesmaid, Annie the videographer, Sam the unwilling groom and me the officiant.  Two red blankets were laid out for the aisle and we reenacted a very quick wedding ceremony which delighted the girls.  Sam ran away which made the girls laugh even more.  He became the "awful wedded husband."  The wedding ended with a bouquet toss and eating a cake made from ginger cookies, dried cranberries and chocolate chips.  And that was that, and then they went outside to play in the leftover snow.

Here is the groom trying to get some peace from the crazy girls...

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andrea said...

Yes, you are indeed the "dear friend" and I LOVE when you call up spontaneously and invite yourself and the fam over. It is one of my favourite things.
The pictures of the kids and the blog are perfect, Beck. It was so funny. The video is hilarious too. I might have to try to send you a little bit of it. The sound of Sophie and Clara giggling is priceless.
If you can get Piper next week, anytime, I am in. Have a great time this weekend with the family.

ME xox