Friday, March 27, 2009


These are our good friends, Geoff & Sara.  Our kids think they are the coolest (they are).  In fact, the only reason why Clara cuts her hair short is because Sara has short hair, and Sam tells me a few times a week how "crazy" Geoff is and that he is "so fast" which means, in Sam language, that Geoff is the best.

Anyway, I heard through Jake, who was told by Geoff, that Sara was selling parts of her extensive wardrobe and might do a private shopping evening for me.  Obviously, I emailed her right away.  In my opinion, Sara has the best clothes and style of anyone I know.  I turn to her for fashion advice and to find out what the latest trends are.  I don't think the contents of my closet are that bad, but I do have a tendency to keep everything (including my maternity jeans), and wait for something to come back into style and I also pretty much wear the same thing each day: jeans, long tee and comfy shoes. 

Here are a few pictures from our evening.  I didn't post the ones of Sam's bare butt.  It was fun and chaotic, as usual.  Geoff took Sam and Clara for a Happy Meal and a dessert of their choice at Meinhardts and then the kids played with the bidet (what else is a bidet for?) and washed up in the gigantic bath with the stairs while I tried to quickly try on some outfits.

Will putting away Sara's shoes

Sam trying on a pair of Gucci's

Crazy time on the bed

A story to finish off the evening.  Check out the spread on the bed!


geoff said...

So excited we finally made the blog. Safe travels.

Sara said to say "she loves you and your kids."

Andrea said...


That is all I have to write. ; )

Me xo