Saturday, March 28, 2009


The kids and I went to Max's Superhero party yesterday...the first of 3 birthday parties we are going to this weekend. 

This post is a little heavy on the photos, but I LOVE taking pictures at kid's birthday parties.  I wonder if this could be a documenting a birthday party? I like showers too.  I also was trying out 2 of mom's lenses that she bravely lent me, and which came back unscathed, I might add.  

This picture cracks me up. The boys are trying to hold up 4 fingers which is how old Max is.  I think Sam got distracted and is doing his Spidie web slinger move instead.

String on the donut game

I'm loving Riley's wink


3caratdiamond family said...

hey sis..where did Riley (I think Riley) get his spiderman outfit from?? great usual.

wide open spaces said...

i definitely think you could do this for a living. those photos are great. can you come take some photos at my son's superhero party in Texas in a couple weeks ; )