Tuesday, June 9, 2009


(cork board in kitchen)
  • Clara no longer falls asleep with the light on, but rather turns every light off in her efforts to help planet earth .  She also wears rubber gloves and picks up garbage on the beach, she reminds me that I should recycle that tin can I'm about to throw out, is begging me to plant a vegetable garden so we can live off our land, and mutters when she sees litter on the ground and wonders aloud why someone would treat the earth in such a way?
  • Will has not slept through the night again since I posted about it June 4th.  But, he only wakes up once at 3:19am, which is still a milestone as far as I'm concerned.
  • 14 days into my bikini body plan, and I'm here to report that I have gained 3 pounds. What the...?!  To make sure our scale is not broken, I even weighed our 10lb medicine ball.  It is off by half a pound.
  • Will still loves to eat Kirby's dog food and at a year and a half can only say one word "hop" (hot).  Actually that is not true...he can also say "iiiiii" and "eeeee" using different tone and pitch.  He can point too.
  • And finally (because it is nearing midnight), looking back on my New Years Resolutions 09', I can truly say I am practicing being more grateful and I almost have a finished studio where I can be creative.  My basement, however, is nowhere near being organized.  I now refer to it as "the basement of horrors."  The kids think this is funny, but unfortunately the basement is also where their playroom is, so they are kind of scared to go down there.
GOOD NIGHT.  I guess I will be up at 3:19am...

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