Thursday, June 4, 2009


This is just too exciting...I had to post it.  

Will slept through the night!

That's right.  You heard it here.  At a mere 18 months old (sarcastic tone) Will happily decided to go to bed at 6:45pm and wake up at 8:00am! 

Now, we just have to work on the mommy sleeping through the night.  I might need to hire a sleep expert.  Maybe even cry it out.

Wish us luck tonight.  He may have slept so long because he was sick.  He also slept 6 more hours today and had a fever.  Although it was so stinking hot here today, it was hard to determine wether or not he was just overheated.

Will having a feverish nap in the car today


Lori said...

That is awesome news! I really hope it continues for you guys. Is that the first time ever? Austin rarely sleeps through the night.. although his wake ups are short and easy now.. but i do find he sleeps better when it is hot out which is odd since we usually sleep worse. hope you can get some sleep now too.

Andrea said...

YIPPPEE! Great news! I know how desperate you have been for a real sleep for the last 6 years. Maybe your time is near but you may just have to cry it out (or take some great sleep medication and help yourself along in a non-natural way!). Hope whatever Will is suffering with goes away. Poor little guy.
Me xo

3caratdiamond said...

well..did it last? Now i need to get Rocco sleepin through the night!