Thursday, June 18, 2009


After the brothers went to bed tonight, Clara and I had some creative time together.  She wanted to work on a Father's Day project for my Dad (her Papa). 

She has become quite interested in First Nations art and culture and loves the idea that each person has their own animal Totem with it's own unique personality traits.  

While wondering aloud what her totem is, she asked if we could go to Tomahawk restaurant for breakfast on the weekend so she could ask one of the waiters.  I guess she figures they are experts since, after all, there are 2 Totem poles beside the front entrance and the Tomahawk's decor is largely made up of West Coast Indian artifacts.  

You have to live on the North Shore to think this is particularly funny.  I do think their Yukon-Style breakfast, however, is delicious.

Anyway, she painted a lovely picture of a "Papa Bear Totem" for my Dad, and she dictated a story to go along with it...


One day there was a bear walking in the forest.  He was sad because he really wanted to marry someone.  No one wanted to marry him because all the animals were scared of him. One day, when he woke up in the Spring, he saw a frog...a YaYa frog.  And the frog was not scared of him.  And the frog said "I always wanted to marry a bear."  So they got together. And they they had a happy time together,  forever.  THE END.

I do love happy endings.

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