Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Well, I think I got carried away with New Year's resolutions once again.  Over a few days, my list has grown to overwhelming proportions and consequently I have turned into what my husband and kids call "the crazy lady."  I am manic over here wanting to accomplish things in a day that should take at least a year if not more.  But today I have decided to slow down, come back to earth and be kind to my loved ones.  And I'm going to simplify my list (my family has always followed a TO BE, TO DO, TO HAVE format).  So here it is:

TO BE: more grateful 
TO DO: organize the basement (and the house. That's realistic, isn't it?)
TO HAVE: a studio where I can do creative things

Project number one is to actually hang the pictures that have been leaning against the wall for most of 2008 waiting for their home up off the floor.  I hung this up with Sam's help.  It is a silhouette of our family I made for Jake for Christmas.  I love how it turned out!  

I'll add more to this post later.  The kids are hovering waiting for me to take them to Science World.


Lisa said...

I love that! I saw something similar at IKEA.. the frame part. Where did you get the frame?

Rebecca said...

Lisa...I did get this frame from IKEA. It feels quite plastic, but I think it is kind of cool. Kisses.

Lisa said...

Oh i love it!.. I saw the portrait it came with but when I went to buy the frame , there was no portrait included. I love how you got your own made!!! You are so creative!

Lisa said...

I think that when you clean up your basement you should build me a suite and I will be your tenant and mark and I can live there! hehe!