Thursday, January 29, 2009


It was pointed out to me last Sunday by several people, including one stranger, that Will had "hockey hair." I generally don't like to cut my boy's hair, and opt for the long shaggy look instead, but it was true...Will had some bad hair.

So today, Will had his first haircut.  The whole family crashed Daddy's 5:00pm hair appointment, and Will got a quick trim from the same woman who has been cutting Jake's hair since he was 3 years old.  

The Daddy and Will (don't they look alike?)

Daddy's turn

Nothing like getting you hair cut with your entire family...

And getting a hand crammed into your mouth while getting your hair washed.

"I'm out of here"

"I'm going to suck on this headband for awhile"

"And then climb this chair"

Clara doing Sam's hair while waiting.
Clara announced that she might want to do hair part time when she is an adult, but still be an artist for the other parts.

Then we had sushi, came home, had a bubble bath and Clara practiced some more on Sam.


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Jules said...

That first pic IS pretty bad.... he is too cute!