Thursday, January 15, 2009


A few times a day, I find myself discretely googling a word or a question so I can successfully answer my kid's constant questions and basically sound smart.  I don't want to get the reputation that mommy doesn't know much.  I mean, they already think I can't fix anything.  If something breaks or is not working, they immediately tell me we should wait for Daddy to come home, even if it is to install batteries.  Uncle Darren fixed Sam's helicopter toy a few weeks ago so now he has also earned the fixing guy distinction.  And if something is ripped, or needs a button or needs to be glued, etc. they tell me we should take it over to YaYa's.  

So, I have been very thankful for the google.  If you look at my history, you would see that just today I have looked up "what are the continents?" (I totally forgot about Antartica), "earth's rotation" (I need to brush up on my physical geography in general), "womanizer" (I was trying to find a polite and age appropriate way of defining this after Clara and Sam heard Brittany Spear's new song), and just moments ago I looked up "ever" on the online dictionary.  Clara asked me what ever meant driving home from her art class.  I was totally stumped.  (By the way, it means at all times, at any time, in any way, and to a great extent or degree).

So, we stopped by Wholefoods for some chicken soup for my sick husband and some nigiri for Sam and some vanilla roast chicken for Clara.  Clara wanted to buy a $19.99 bouquet of white flowers because they were "so beautiful" and would be perfect for her wedding themed birthday party in April?  I persuaded her to pick out a $4.99 little pot of flowers instead that she could take care of (she takes this very seriously).  While in the check out she tells me that she had better go to YaYa's as soon as we get home because YaYa has so many beautiful plants and flowers and she knows how to take care of them and she knows that they are living and need water and sunshine and food and she would be able to tell her what this specific plant needs...and in the next breath she tells me that I kill all my plants.  I felt immediately defensive and wanted to tell her that the poinsettia Daddy got me in early December is still alive! But alas, it is true.  I don't have a green thumb and you can't kill those poinsettias even if you try. But I do appreciate a lovely garden and thank goodness for YaYa.  What would we ever do without her?

YaYa and Clara planting at Pasley (from the archives)

I stumbled across these on Etsy.  I think something like this would be perfect along my window sill.  No need for water or sunshine, just some crochet cacti:

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