Sunday, January 18, 2009


Yesterday we celebrated Sam's 4th birthday by doing and eating and drinking all of Sam's favourite things with most of his favourite people (a few were out sick with a cold).  After the swim portion of the party, our home was turned into one gigantic playroom, and though it was loud and crazy it was also "super fun" (to quote Sam).  Here are just a few pictures mostly taken before the party even started.  Between Will getting his hand smunched in the door, and Maddy slicing her foot on a rock, and cleaning up pizza squished into the carpet, and putting together train tracks, etc, my camera was abandoned for the bulk of the party.

The birthday boy 
(I take a picture of the kids holding up at "Today I am..." sign each birthday.  I love looking back and seeing how much they have changed)

The loot bags

Race car cake made by YaYa (I had 4 pieces)

Sam and a couple of his peeps


3caratdiamond family said...

Im so sad to see Rocco's place there but no Rocco. Must take vitamins from now on and drink more juice so my kid doesn't miss parties!!!

Rebecca said...

We missed you guys too! 3 carat diamond family?