Friday, January 30, 2009


I stumbled upon this little arrangement that Clara put together a week ago.  The funny thing is, is that it is still there on our bookcase, in the room you first see when you walk in our front door, 8 days later.   (Maybe this is another indication that we need help with the house).

I love her little "scenes".  She is so purposeful when creating them and gives each piece and placement so much thought.  

I didn't even know until recently that people can hire home stagers to "improve, de-clutter and re-arrange their home" prior to putting it up for sale.  That sounds awesome.  I need one of those.  Actually, I did phone my talented friend last week and asked if she could come over and shnick our place.  (OK...I just looked up schnick and it's not what I thought it meant...what the heck?).  She is going to make our empty mantels look pretty for us.  I'll let you know how it goes.

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andrea said...

Becks! I just discovered (Through talking with Simone) why you found such a strange definition for the word shnick...

The actual word "schnick" is a German word and you actually use it together with Schnick-Schnak and it means "little things placed around". You didn't have the "c" in your word, hence the rather interesting definition.

Phew...I was a bit worried.

: )