Monday, January 19, 2009


  • wakes up every 60-90 minutes at night (wins worst sleeper prize)
  • eats dog food for breakfast
  • tips Kirby's water bowl over several times a day (the dog has resorted to toilet water or going next door to YaYa's for refreshment)
  • nicknamed "destructo" by the other family members
  • throws food across the room/restaurant
  • throws toys down the stairs
  • pulls out fist fulls of hair (human and dog)
  • can say "hot" but not "mama"
  • does acrobatics while nursing (not a pretty sight)
  • dumps fruit shake onto the carpet
  • smears yoghurt into the couch
  • crams things into my mouth when I'm least expecting it
  • hits me on the head with hard items like tinkertoys and forks
  • can do a backward somersault while getting a diaper change (very impressive)
  • sucks on batteries
  • sucks on marbles
  • rides Kirby bare back
  • arches back when I try to put down on the floor
  • empties cupboards and drawers (and bottles of glitter and baby powder)
  • erases files on Daddy's laptop
  • goobers up cell phone and then hides it (yes...I found my cell phone far under the couch 5 weeks later)
But look those eyes...that face...those chubby arms and legs! It is impossible to hold a grudge.  

(This post is also an excuse to try out some of the vintage frames I just downloaded from this great site. They also offer free tutorials, photoshop actions, textures and papers, etc.) 

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Lisa said...

He IS so adorable. I hope my babies come out this cute!