Sunday, January 4, 2009


Yesterday Clara helped celebrate her cousin, Maddy's 6th Birthday by attending a Royal Ball.  
We have no shortage of princess gowns and accessories over here so that part was easy.  But yet another snowfall made it a little more difficult, at least to get there.  Here are some pictures from the first 10 minutes.  I took advantage of having no kids and attempted shopping at Metrotown (very big, very scary mall) with Annie and Dana.  

I have to quickly add how special and amazing it is for Clara to have a cousin a mere 3 months apart in age.  And Hannah, her other girl cousin is only 12 days apart (her mom and I actually had the same due date but she budged like my friend Annie).  Maddy and Hannah are her dearest, most bosom friends.  They honestly run toward each other at first sight and twirl each other around in an embrace.  Warms my heart.
We picked up her other bosom friend, Sophie, en route

2 princesses making their way to the door

Here they are, in all their princess glory

That's Sebby...the brother and my sweet nephew

Good job on the decor Jules!

Their beloved Grandma sitting on the throne

Going home...




Jules said...

Awww, thanks Bea!

Danita said...

What an incredible party. I love the fact that there were just a few princesses there.....and it was made very spectacular!

Great pictures!

Love, Auntie Danita