Thursday, January 22, 2009


Sam, Clara and I were reading this book yesterday (actually, it has been every day since Truman gave it to Sam for his birthday).  Me trying to skip over the gruesome and scary parts and Sam eagerly turning the pages and absorbing every word and detail (seriously, this son of mine has an amazing memory, maybe even super power amazing memory).  

Anyway, we were reading the part about Mysterio, one of the many villians...his name is actually Quentin Black...when he was a teenager he moved to Hollywood to look for work as a stuntman...Clara interrupts, "what is a stuntman?".  I think I said something like "a stuntman is a job some people have, you know, where they jump off buildings, or get launched out of cannons while on fire.  They do stuff in a movie that might be too dangerous for actors to do." And of course, Clara thinks this would be great a great career choice for Sam.  " could be a stuntman when you are an adult!" she tells him excitedly.  And Sam says in his matter of fact voice "yes, I am."

And here are some pictures to prove that this just might be plausible:

And here is where the Spider-Man obsession all began.  At Truman's 3rd birthday party last summer at Keats.  Spider-Man (a.k.a Sean) made an appearance on the roof of their cabin, did some killer moves that only Spidie can, gave the kids a high five and a box of smarties and disappeared with one last leap (and a pulled groin).


Jules said...

THat is hysterical!!! Some of those pics look like the landings sucked.
How do you add so many pics? Mine only allows four or something!

3caratdiamond family said...

Will Spidy come to Rocco's party?!?!?!? LOVE IT