Thursday, April 9, 2009


I don't normally post photos of myself, mostly because I'm the one usually behind the camera, never mind that I have been feeling wrinkly and puffy eyed and patchy lately now that I'm nearing 35 and get no sleep.  But my sis took these at the park yesterday and I actually kind of like them, bunions and all (Jake likes to tell me that he did not marry me because of my feet).

I also want to point out my yellow dress.  My husband came home from a business trip and presented it to me all wrapped in tissue and a bow.  He picked it out all by himself!  This is my favourite kind of gift.  I love imagining him in the store trying to figure out what size to pick. He tells me that he actually drew an outline of my body with his hands in front of the sales lady. So funny.  

He did good.


Jules said...

You are soooo cute. You should do more pictures of you, and yes, (mostly due to your influence) Jake picked a really sweet dress!

Lisa said...

that is such a beautiful dress!!! Jason will have to take Mark shopping for me!!!

Andrea said...

You would be beautiful in a yellow dishcloth however, Jake did do a really good job. Lots of love
Me xo