Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Although Clara turned 6 while in Hawaii, we are celebrating with her friends this Sunday.  

Ever since her Hula themed birthday when she turned 3, she alone has been the event coordinator of her parties.  This year, she wanted a wedding themed party.  She has requested red and pink decor, tulips and roses, a tiered birthday cake, champagne glasses, wedding music, beautiful treasures for the guests to take home and lots of wedding type games.  

I was quite proud that I managed to mail the invitations before we left for Hawaii, although I had better step up over here with only 4 days left until the big day.  Wish me luck.


Lisa said...

Hi becky... wondering if you would like a helper at Clara's birthday party... i would love to come!!!! I could help decorate and be your gopher.. let me know! xoxo

Rebecca said...

Ummm...OK!! You don't need to twist my arm. I think that would be amazing, and so would Clara. I'll email you too just in case you don't read this. XOXOX