Monday, April 13, 2009


I was thinking today about my beautiful Clara, and how old she seems to me all of a sudden, never mind that the top of her lovely head reaches almost to my shoulder.  I love her so much.  I look at her and want to breath her all in.  

Her beloved friend Sara (our friend, actually) arrived late last night with her husband and we had a drink and a visit with another couple from Vancouver yesterday evening.  She loves Sara, and she also quickly fell in love with Janet, the lady from Vancouver.  So, here are some things you can do if you want Clara to fall in love with you:
  • You can ask her to see her dolls, and then ask her what their names are
  • You can read her a story
  • You can offer to put make up on her, or braid her hair or do her nails
  • You can give her some chocolate or make her a chocolate milk
  • You can give her 15 minutes of undivided attention and play a game or dress up or build a fort or talk about life...
  • You can go a "girl date" and take her away from her brothers for a bit
  • You can talk in a gentle voice
Clara showing Janet her new doll, Ava.

Talking about life.

Some other shots of my girl from Saturday:

Auntie and Rocco fly home tonight.  I will miss them.  Speaking of people who Clara loves, she adores her Auntie too. 

Safe travels!


Lori Seeney said...

Clara is just so beautiful and photogenic, i love this collection of images.

Andrea said...

Yes, I agree with Lori and can't wait for you to get your beautiful daughter with her beautiful Mummy back here soon. We miss you.


Lisa said...

she looks stunning in those photos!!! Clara is so beautiful!!!