Tuesday, April 28, 2009


When you only have one babysitter and she is away for the weekend, this is what happens...

...all your kids come to the wedding ceremony with you!

It actually turned out OK.  Besides missing the exchange of the rings because I was nursing Will naked in the bathroom (my tight dress was not conducive to discreet pew nursing), I think watching a real life wedding will stay with Clara for the rest of her life!  She was mesmerized.

She even got a picture with the beautiful bride and her groom while holding a real wedding bouquet.  Looks like she should be in the wedding party, don't you think?

Our family.  We don't have many of these shots, so I thought I would include it.

Trying to get a picture of Clara and the flower girl proves difficult, thanks to her pesty brother.

Clara and Mia, who also happens to be the daughter of my girlfriend from when I was 3 years old. 

Me and my other girlfriend (from when I was 3).  Just wanted to point out that I am wearing make up!  I didn't put it on, of course, but maybe that will be one of my goals for 2010.  Buy and learn how to apply make up.  Bought a lipstick too.  

Which brings us to Sunday, the day of 
Clara's 6th Birthday Party:

Which also brought lots of pink and red, roses and tulips, champagne glasses and a tiered birthday cake, as per Clara's request.

The glowing birthday girl.  Look at the size of her rock!  She tells me that one day, she would like her husband to get her one of these.

With her Nana and Papa and her new couture velvet, ruffled jacket.

The Processional.

My husband, in his vintage, ruffled tux, reading the vows.

If you are worried that we were taking the wedding theme too far, the vows went more or less like this:

Do you promise to be sweet, listen to your parents, wash your hands after you go to the bathroom, try new foods, go on your first date when you are 20, laugh lots, and be true to yourselves?

The girls..."I Do"

Clara and her 2 cousins.

Early evening...playing with her new Playmobil Church.

Thanks again Auntie Lisa for coming over to lend a hand, and therefore, helping me not go completely to the "bad pre-party place."   I know you are reading this!

And thank you sis for coming to the rescue Saturday night (and saving us $180).  I owe you BIG time.  Kisses.


Lisa said...

Aw you are so welcome. It was a real pleasure to come and share Clara's special day! You put on a beautiful wedding birthday and she will have some very fun memories!!!

Love you lots! xox

Lisa said...

Ps . you look stunning in your picture... all nice and tanned and im impressed with the application of makeup.. you are already so beautiful without any...but wow hot momma!

Rebecca said...

Lisa...I'm sad that I don't have a picture of you! I didn't take my usual 100 photos, but next time. I need one of you with my kids. Thanks again. PS-I didn't apply the make up myself...went to Kiss and Makeup.

Andrea said...

Shoot! I would have loved to have done your makeup! You look awesome in these pictures, Beck. As Lisa says "Hot Mamma".
The party was beautiful and clearly Clara had all her birthday wishes come true. Sophie had THE BEST TIME EVER, EVER, EVER...and can't wait to see Clara again. Thank you for the great day and I hope that we can pull a dinner night together really soon. I need some catch0up time!

Piper said...

SORRY Becky!! I'll try not to be away so much! But it looks like it went well anyways...

Natalie said...

I saw the link to your blog on your Facebook page...I have to admit, I read it often ;)

I'm so honoured that Mike and I have become a part of it :) Clara was so cute and it was a pleasure to have her and the rest of the kids there!

Tell Clara thank you for her flowers...and tell her that I tucked the Dandelions she gave me into my bouquet ;)