Monday, April 6, 2009


I'm getting a little behind with my posts, but uploading pictures has been painfully slow. Does anyone else have that problem on blogger?

We also seem to go to bed by 8:00pm here in Hawaii which leaves little time to blog.  

Today was overcast with a smattering of sun.  A perfect morning in my opinion, to play and take some pictures at the park down the street.  I was the crocodile and the kids ran away from me (they could play this for hours).  The play structure was the "safe place" from the child hungry crocodile and Sam and Rocco also used their super powers to fight me off.  

I love Will's pose

Super powers!

 Super hero move

I love this...Clara shaking her head at the crazy super hero boys in the backround

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Lori said...

Your pictures look amazing as usual. I love how much Rocco seems to adore Sam!
In regards to your upload, do you size them down significantly before uploading? If i forget to do this it takes forever. I usually make mine 10 inches at 72, which is less than a megabyte and it is pretty quick.
Have a wonderful trip