Monday, December 1, 2008


If you dropped by our house for a visit, it would not be uncommon to see one or all of our kids sitting, sometimes standing and even occasionally dancing on our kitchen counter.  Some may think this is dangerous, or rude or germy, and I admit there has been one fall off the kitchen island while my back was turned while getting the toast (no serious injuries, thankfully).  But since I spend a good lot of the day preparing at a minimum 3 meals, never mind the snacks and the baking, it has always been a way for me to connect and spend time with my kids and at eye level too. Will loves to join me up there, mostly to pitch things onto the floor, bang some things together, or toss some food to Kirby.  Sam loves whisking, cutting, eating sugar straight up and cracking eggs.  Clara is fond of spatulas, licking the spatulas and is usually in charge of the dry ingredients.  Or sometimes they just sit and snack or have a drink while I'm preparing a meal and we talk and laugh.

These pictures were from a couple of nights ago.  I was putting together a spaghetti dinner (sauce came from my mom...thanks mom!).  The kids were keeping me company while having a little pre-dinner slice of bread that Sam cut.  The light was bad and I never use my flash, but it does depict our life on the counter...a lovely life at that.

On a totally different subject, Kirby ate 2 gingerbread houses and Rocco's loot bag contents while we were at Canadian Tire tonight.

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