Thursday, December 18, 2008



Yesterday we woke up to more snow falling.  I decided to leave my stinky minivan in the comforts of the garage and skip out on the last day of school.  Hooray!  I didn't want Sam and Clara too far from their mommy on such a wintery day.  According to Uncle Josh, our local weather expert, more snow Sunday and on Christmas Eve.  And very cold tonight.

The kids did some serious snow playing (I'm thankfully getting quicker at putting on and taking off snow gear), and the highlight was for surely, sledding down the little hill by YaYa and Papa's garage into the snowbank left by the "snow pushing truck."  We finished off snow play with hot chocolate, a movie at YaYa's and the start of present wrapping.  

the cousins on the snow bank-YaYa's photo

This morning was their Christmas concert.  I forgot my zoom lens so got this lame picture instead.  Very sweet though.  I especially liked "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" sung in French.  I made Sam sing me the lyrics over and over again in the car and had a quiet chuckle to myself.

A trip to our favourite coffee joint for my caramel macchiato and panini, with YaYa:

And then a spontaneous trip to the mall to visit Santa:

In the picture above, Santa had asked Sam what his Christmas wish was...Sam was mumbling in a quiet voice that it was green jeep (Santa couldn't hear very well).  When asked if he had something else he wanted, Sam replied "chocolate chips."  Clara is still firm on Rose Petal Cottage (phew).

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