Friday, December 5, 2008


At 8:20am this morning we had a drive by visit from Nana and Papa who were on their way to Whistler.  Can you believe we were ALL still in bed when we heard the doorbell ring (2 were even asleep)?  I always make Jake answer the door if he's home, and if he's not home, then I never answer the door and pretend we are all out.  It's how I roll.  Our family had a late night at a Christmas hula party at the Aquarium.  How cool is that?!  Maybe I'll attach some photos later.  I have limited time here while Will is napping (must clean house).  

So, we had a nice, but quick visit but then Sam discovered.....

.....that Kirby ate all the chocolates in his advent calendar!!  This was not good.  Sam was not impressed and is still talking about it as I write this.  Kirby also ate a box of candy canes while we were out last night.  I should just write a blog about all the things Kirby eats each day.  

Then Papa went and got a yummy homemade organic gingerbread cookie (sometimes we call him Marty Stewart) from the car and gave it to Sam.  That seemed to take the edge off.

And then we had fruit smoothies (the only way Clara eats fruit) and cheerios while Clara danced the hula for us on her chair.  

The kids have currently pulled all the cushions off the couch and gathered all the blankets and stuffed animals from around the house and are telling each other stories about baby Jesus.  I think they are pretending to be in a Manger?  Can't be sure.  I'm just thankful that they have each other to act out these stories.  I'm a bit sluggish today to play the part of Joseph with any success.

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