Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Last night was the annual go get our Christmas tree with the Smith side of the family. We had a plan:  Jake was coming home early from work, meet the family at our regular Christmas tree lot, find a lovely tree (both my mom and me were hoping for a tall skinny version this year so people could still fit through the entrance to our respective living rooms), take some photos, sing some carols, go out for fish and chips and then home to warm baths and jammies.  All in all, a jolly festive time.

Now, my motto since being a parent and my advice I give to new moms at baby showers is "don't have any expectations."  This advice may sound like a downer, but for me, I struggle with being spontaneous like my husband.  I'm more of a planner, a writer of many lists, but also a romantic and a dreamer.  So, what often happens is that I either get quickly disappointed (if not devastated) if something is not going according to expectation, or I don't follow through with something because it is not going to be "perfect" or what I dreamed it was going to look like.  This is not good, particularly now that I'm a mom.  I don't want to miss out, for example, on spontaneous fairy picnics on the lawn even if it means sitting on the dog blanket and eating soda crackers because that is all that is in the cupboard.  I mean, there is a part of me that wants to say "we can't possibly! cause we need a filmy canopy, and a polka dot tea set and lemon loaf and mini scones and fairy dust for making wishes on."  

So, having no expectations for how the day will unfold, means you are not disappointed with the outcome but rather, pleasantly surprised and sometimes, even delighted.  

So, this is how last night really unfolded: at 4:30pm on our way out the door, Sam vomited all over Clara's bed, her doll and my laptop, Sam had a 103.3 degree fever, Jake stayed home with Sam, and I took Clara and Will to the annual go get our Christmas tree festivities, I forgot to put a card in my camera so no pictures, it started to rain, mom and dad did not find the tree of their dreams and my sister mission aborted from the restaurant with her screaming son clutched under her arm before she got to eat her fish and chips. BUT, you know what, it was still fun and festive and certainly memorable! (and besides, mom and dad did find their tree at a different lot on their way home, sis and Rocco came back to their fish and chips happy after a talk in the car and we put lights on our lovely trees back at our cozy home while Clara sang carols).  

Our tree to the left and Will eating the stones and pine cones from the candle display

This year, Clara picked out a little tree for her and Sam to decorate with "ordaments".  She chose red and blue lights (I personally like white)...official tree trimming will be tonight.

My "Merry Christmas" banner was made using a pad of Christmas scrap booking paper bought at Michaels. 

And now, to this morning's events...Sam is getting his thrill sucking Will up with the vacuum. Will was actually loving it too.  As you can see, Sam is feeling better today.

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Jules said...

I am so ripping off the idea for the banner.... Nice one! How's typing on the vomitus laptop???