Monday, December 22, 2008


December is easily one of my favourite months, but crap, is it ever busy!  I say this every year, but 2009 I really am going to hand make gifts starting in August and start prepping for my Christmas cards in September.  Really...I am.  

Anyway, me and big sis and kids went to "Breakfast with Santa" on the top of Grouse Mountain last Friday.  It was awesome!  You must go.  Check it out here. Thanks mom for taking Will.  He would have frozen his tootsies off. Here are some pictures.  Must go to bed now.  Just had a rehearsal with the 6 cousins for the Christmas Eve Nativity play and I'm exhausted!

Sam is not so sure about this Santa.  He liked his slinky though, which Santa gave him.  At least until Will got his little monkey hands on it (now it is in toy heaven)

Some outdoor dibs eating...what more could you ask for?

Prancer and Comet made an appearance.  Sam is making an offering of snow.

Santa heading to his workshop

And the kids had their first skating experience!  On an outdoor rink on the top of a mountain at that.  No injuries, except for sis's back from bending over (see picture below)

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Lisa said...

aw I am loving your blog!! It makes me miss you all though. I wish I lived closer Beck.