Sunday, November 30, 2008


Today we celebrated Will's first birthday with our family and the George gong (godparents) at our home. Of course, Will slept a mere 20 minutes for his morning nap which meant he was ready for sleep at 2:00pm when the party started (you can see him sleeping in Aunti Juli's arms in the photos). This mommy is pooped and is off to bed, but here are some photos.  I love my boy.  To me, he is still is my little baby...

Our precious treasure

Clara and Sam helping me make the cake this morning.  
Clara is already wearing her party dress...Sam is in his Spidie jammies

Will offering me some icing

Double beater-ing it

Clara showing off our cake (she wanted me add a crown to this picture)

My friend Katie and music teacher extraordinaire 
entertaining the cousins with some songs 

The spread: Wholefoods yummy pizza and baguette sandwiches, veggies and dip, fruit skewers,
 Candiss' sugar cookies with butter icing, and kir royales!

My sleeping boy in Aunt Juli's arms

Gingerbread house making and decorating

Will is checking out his cake...Sam is helping him blow out his candles

Offering Grandma a lick

We love you William!  

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