Wednesday, December 3, 2008


To my dear William.  I'm actually writing this at 10:34pm December 3rd while in your room watching you sleep.  Exactly a year ago around this time, on a warm still night, I went into labour with you.  You were very thoughtful and decided that I should start having stronger contractions once your brother and sister were asleep.  I moved from the couch where I had been cuddling with your Daddy, to the bath where I watched my massive tummy peaking out of the bubbles, then to my cozy bed where I knew that I was going to meet and hold my baby that night.  Sure enough, you arrived swiftly and at 1:50am you were born at our home and loved immediately (born while I was standing up beside the toilet, I might add).  My midwives, big sis, mom, friend and mom C. were all there.  Clara and Sam were woken up minutes later from their sleepy stupor to meet their littlest brother.  It was intense and painful and sweaty and surreal, but cuddling my warm, wrinkly baby boy and falling asleep beside you and my husband that same night made all the hard work worthwhile.  You were perfect and so beautiful (and had big hands like your sister).  

I can't believe that a year has gone by already! I'm actually feeling rather emotional tonight (not a surprise) that you are not my tiny curled up newborn anymore but a sitting, standing, almost walking, eating, pooping, chatting, laughing, interactive and more and more independent big baby.  And a perfect one at that.  You are loved William.  And you are most certainly a gift from God.  Now, it's time for me to sleep and love you some more tomorrow.

This picture is seconds after your birth.  I was SO hot and sweaty, but oh relieved to be holding you.  This is the very moment Daddy and I looked to see if you were a boy or...?

I love this picture.  It seems so peaceful. It was the morning 6 hours after you were born, in our bed...all my munchkins together.  I just inhaled some scrambled eggs and toast (holy cow...why does food taste so good after labour?). 

And there is the daddy...he's "all in"

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KSB said...

Aww, happy first birthday, Will. That's a lovely labor story, Beck.