Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Here is a plate of "Horsey Kisses."  At least that is what Sam thinks they are called.  He asked for some this morning for breakfast after announcing that his tummy was telling him that it wasn't hungry for cereal and grapefruit.

I love it when kids hear a word differently and then add it to their vocabulary.

Just today Sam said his Life cereal was "too foggy" (soggy) and that he wanted "more milk" (warm milk) and wanted to be "Dog Vader" (Darth Vader) for the Stars Wars birthday party we are going to on Saturday.

And here is Will, trying REALLY hard to extend that arm and grab a horsey kiss.  He can spot shiny wrappers a mile a way.

(By the way, he did get one)


jenna said...

That brings back (not so distant) memories...my daughter insisting she wanted to be "Garth Bader" for Halloween one year!

rachael said...

I love it too, I recall hearing a story of my ex's sister as a child heard the waiter describe the desserts, and her little 4 year old request was as she HEARD it, she asked for the

"bunch of fun pie"

what she really wanted was the

'lemon chiffon pie'