Monday, February 23, 2009


Tonight was our monthly pizza & wine night at my sister's house with the cousins.  I think Amanda and Melissa are our second cousins, which make our kids third cousins?  When in doubt I just tell my kids to call someone "Aunt" or "Uncle."  

Anyway, it was nice to get together with everyone tonight even amidst noise, chaos and poopie diapers.  It is not often enough that we have visits.

So here are the third cousins standing on Auntie's table:

And just 2 days before, the other first and third cousins of the Chalmers kind, were all together celebrating a birthday.

It was a Star Wars party which is why the girls have little buns sticking from the side of their heads.  Thankfully, I didn't spend money on buying costumes since Sam was too scared to wear the Darth Vader mask we borrowed, and Clara felt beautiful and very Princess Leia like in a sweater, skirt, gold belt, sparkly flip flops and mascara all from her closet (mascara too...apparently she stashed mine in one of her boxes filled with treasures).

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