Monday, February 2, 2009


Today (Monday) I am feeling grateful for the 2 and a half hours I get to spend alone with Will in the mornings while the sister and brother are at school and the house is quiet (so nice).  We usually spend our mornings walking Kirby, emptying and filling the dishwasher, sharing some granola, making the beds and having a snuggle on the rug. 

photo tip of the day: to get your child to laugh, lay them on the floor and tickle their tummy with your foot. (Just counted...Will has 15 teeth)

Will could not figure out where the chenille heart went.  This is a look of confusion.

I am also thankful for hand me downs.  Just got a bag full from Auntie C. for Clara.  Clara thinks this is the bees knees as well.  She usually wears every item within the first 24 hours.  Here she is wearing 5 of the items:

This is kind of a funny story, but the kids just discovered that if we die, they would move in with Auntie C. and family.  Instead of feeling sad or anxious about the idea, they were super excited and even yelled out "yay!".  Just yesterday I overheard Sam and Clara discussing what room they would be sleeping in at their house and if Truman and Sam would be sharing a bed?


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Jules said...

Will looks fab with his new haircut! Any of the hand me downs you don't want, we would LOVE to take off your hands!