Friday, September 4, 2009


Despite a forecast of rain this Labour Day weekend, we decided to pack up the family and return to our cabin.  I have really missed being here this past week.  And I know I sound kind of dramatic, but I already miss SUMMER!

Some things I have missed:
  • being barefoot all day
  • wearing my jammies, bathing suit or oversized tee and boy briefs (things you would not wear when dropping your daughter off at school)
  • my morning french press coffee and granola on the adirondack chair on the deck
  • reading magazines in the day and not feeling guilty
  • the smell of suntan lotion on my kid's warm bodies
  • opening the doors in the morning and letting Kirby and the kids roam and explore and play outside without fear of them getting run over by a car or being swiped by a stranger or being mauled by a cougar
  • having no tv, and consequently having no kids ask over and over again if they can watch a show
  • being able to walk to the park, the beach, our friend's cabin, etc. without the whole rigamarole of getting in and out of our car
  • the sound of the crickets at night and the waves against the shore
  • cooling off in the ocean after being warmed by the sun
  • summer drinks and food (champagne, goat cheese, fresh herbs, berries, tomatoes, corn on the cob, fresh crab, summer pasta, BBQ's, roasted peppers...)
Something I have NOT missed this week... Kirby, barking incessantly for me to throw her stick into the ocean.  I have cursed her name many, many times this summer.  Even cried twice.

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