Wednesday, September 30, 2009


We have had only 3 family meetings, 2 in February and 1 last week, but we plan to make this a family tradition every Saturday morning after puff pancakes and bacon.  It sort of goes like this (although I'm learning to have minimal expectations):
  • We gather on our couch with our notebook and latte.  For now, I take notes, and either Jake or I act as leader.
  • We begin the meeting with compliments to each family member.  "I love you because..." or "I'm grateful for you because..." and we all say thank you after we receive a compliment.
  • In the week, I try to keep a list of issues or problems that arise to be discussed at the family meeting.  During the meeting, everyone is listened to, feelings are acknowledged (even the crazy ones) and we problem solve together.  If an agreement cannot be reached after a discussion we will table it until the next meeting.
  • The meeting ends with a consensus of what we want to do as a family that day (in the Fall it is usually swimming).
Here is a sampling of the things that have been discussed so far:
  • Sam likes Daddy's fast boat 
  • Clara is having a hard time with her boots because they keep scratching her legs 
  • Sam wants doors that open and close on his electric jeep
And just last week, Sam's compliment to his sister was "you know what is bugging me?...not Clara...a mosquito."

So there you go.  

Like I said my expectations are minimal but I think I will love this tradition. And next time, we will definitely hide the radio karaoke so Will doesn't play with it during the meeting.

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