Monday, September 28, 2009


Dear Tooth Fairy,

I would like to know what you look like and where you put your teeth? 
And what's your name?

Love, Clara

Clara is impatiently waiting for her first wiggly tooth.  Personally, I'm not in a rush.  Although a missing tooth looks sweet, I think big adult teeth in a little 6 year old mouth can look not proportioned and kind of scary.

A few weeks ago Clara wrote a letter to the Tooth Fairy hoping to get some clarity. Fortunately she told me she was leaving it under her pillow so I was aware that I needed to come up with a good reply.  She seemed satisfied with her response, which was left beside her pillow, compete with gold glitter on pretty blue paper (the TF's favourite colour).

I also bought this Tooth Fairy kit awhile back in preparation for the big day.  I love letterpress! And I love paper products!

You can buy it here at the office of the Tooth Fairy.

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Lori said...

what did the tooth fairy write? I am curious to know her name too.