Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Jake's Dad turned 60 yesterday.  

The family gathered together to help celebrate his milestone...4 generations of family, in fact. We drank champagne, ate delicious food, caught up on the goings ons and I took lots of pictures (of the kids mostly).

Happy Birthday Dad/Papa Chalmers.  We love you!

Jake and his Dad (if it is not obvious)

the token group shot

This is Will's latest move...laying on the ground and closing his eyes when he is uncomfortable.  I guess it is kind of like when his Dad takes off his pants and sits on the couch in his boxers when the guests are staying too late and he wants them to go home.  

Sebby is really enjoying his juice box

Lisa...the newly engaged!

The girls checking out her rock

Clara's painting of her Papa

Miriam trying some of Grandma Mary's berry pie

This is Sam's sad face.  He just got whacked in the head by his cousin.

Boys at play.  I suppose this is why all of Sam's pants have holes in the knees...

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