Tuesday, September 1, 2009


This morning I got out of my bed too early, actually had to put some clothes on and some shoes, cut up some fruit and made oatmeal for the family, helped Clara put on her first day outfit she carefully selected the night before, woke Will up at 8:17am and headed out the door to get to school by 8:40am.  

My highlight...walking to school with the kids.  This is so satisfying, never mind so convenient. 

It was sort of Clara's first day. It lasted only 50 minutes and she didn't even see her classroom, but it was a nice transition for her (and me) before she goes tomorrow until 2:30pm. Yesterday, while labeling her school supplies, she was practicing what she was going to say to her new classmates.  This is what she rehearsed:

"Sorry, my name is Clara, what is your name?  Would you like to play with me?"

So listen up all you first graders who went to Kindergarten together...you had better play with my daughter.  She is funny and crazy and kind and lovely all mixed together.  She would be an amazing and nurturing friend.  She loves hummingbirds, fairies, princesses, First Nations people, the colour purple and happily ever afters.  And she would really appreciate some more girl time in her life of brothers.

The naughty brother in mid hit

The other naughty brother wanting to sit there

Too bad the expensive shoes we bought yesterday gave you blisters.

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