Monday, May 4, 2009


Bedtime Routine

After finishing dinner in 5 minutes (you know, the meal that took me 2 hours to prepare), the kids begin preparing for bedtime.  Their routine has changed over the years, but currently, this is what happens.  

The kids want me to chase them up the stairs to the bath.  They run ahead while disrobing, and jump into our bed naked.  I have to stomp up the stairs yelling "Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum."  If I'm too early they yell "freeze."  Once they are in position (naked under our covers) they yell "disentagle."  I have no idea where they got this word from, but it means I can now come charging into the bedroom looking for some children to eat for my dessert.  Then I have to hang them upside down a few times by the ankles, Will included, spin them around (not Clara) and essentially chase them around the room until I catch them and put them in the warm bath.

After the bath, 2 things can happen.  We either play a game of Fishy and Dolphin (that is a whole other post) or have a mini sports day, which admittedly is not the best before bed activity (it is not very calming).  Last night, we had wheel barrel races and running races.  Daddy joined in too!

Daddy likes to beat Sam.  

Sam does not like this.

The softy mommy likes to let Sam win.

Sam likes this.

There is more...

Like story time and cuddles and back rubs, but I think I will save that for another time.  The boys are looking for some lunch, anyway.


Jules said...

Will's noggin! Again! Poor ducky... LOL.. we missed you guys last week... hope you can make it soon!

Anonymous said...

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