Tuesday, November 25, 2008


It is a familiar sight to drive by our house and see one, if not all three kids, running around, digging in the dirt or swinging from a tree branch in bare feet, flimsy dresses and t shirts.  And I'm not just talking about in the summer (they would probably be naked then), but in the cold dark of winter.  In fact, the Chalmers' kids and babies are notorious for being underdressed, without socks and shoes and cold to the touch.  This year, however, I made a resolution to buy weather appropriate gear and clothes for my kids.  Raincoats, boots, and umbrellas were bought in September (I'm so organized), and down jackets, hats, mitts and snow boots have almost been bought.  Check out Will below in his new little warm number.  Just arrived in the mail after winning it NWT on ebay.  It's a birthday present from YaYa, but we had to give it to him now.  We wouldn't want him to be cold, right?

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Juli said...

Will's Auntie Jules is absolutely thrilled!!!