Thursday, February 11, 2010


Last night, we took the bus to see the Olympic Torch pass through West Vancouver (our neighbourhood) and then mosied over to the nearby celebration event. It was so exciting. I may have even cried a little bit. Sam mostly loved that he didn't have to wear a seat belt on the bus.

Here is my only picture:

More proof of why I need to get a flash for my camera. Natural light photography can only take you so far...

So instead, I'm posting this video of the Torch Relay. I'm feeling it! I believe. And I'm such a sucker for beautiful music with beautiful images.

I'm also posting a picture of Nana (thanks for the picture Auntie Juli). The kid's Nana was one of the very first Torch runners back in October. Isn't that awesome?! We think so. We are very proud of her. XO.

So, our home is decorated with flags and red streamers. The kids made a chart to keep track of the medals won. We have our red mitts and matching Canada shirts and toques.

We are ready for the Opening Ceremony tomorrow!

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~beautyandjoy~ said...

I cheered super loud for you and for Josh M. last night! And I think I may have seen a photo of the kids' Nana on the official Vancouver 2010 web site - did she hand off the torch from some official looking public transportation? Either way I am impressed! :)

We're proud to be your neighbours!