Wednesday, February 3, 2010


It is my mom's birthday today.

I love my mom. I feel so wonderfully blessed to be her daughter.

And I really do love living next door to her.

As a surprise for her birthday, my Auntie Shannon (her sister) flew from Ontario late last night. I love my Auntie Shannon too. They used to have the same haircut and they look kind of alike, so I always was comforted when I used to sleep over at her house when I was younger. That, and the fact that they had fruit loops or lucky charms in the cupboard, helped ease my homesickness.

I took my mom out for tea and petite sandwiches today (my favourite kind of sandwiches...they always taste so much better when they are small). It was really quite lovely.

I ordered a vanilla matcha latte. So good.

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