Monday, July 20, 2009


Last week I was very spontaneous (for me) and left Pasley to visit Tash, Piper and the kids at their beloved cabin.  Although it was a 4 hour one way trip and I could only stay for a night, it was so worth it.  I finally got to see and experience their beautiful cabin and spot on the water, never mind that upon my arrival at their beach, I was greeted with a glass of white and some delicious goat cheese, basil, balsamic concoction, and Max very hospitably loaded up his gator with my luggage and drove it to their cabin for me.  

Thanks guys for a sharing a night with us.  And thanks for all the delicious food.  I've been thinking about those crepes and roast beet salad and homemade pizzas and that yummy orzo sundried tomato thingy...

piper picking us up at the parking lot

clara and stella have an early evening swing with their babies

a post hot tub rinse

an afternoon spent at the Kenna Bay on Ruxton Island

saying goodbye

our trip back to the parking lot

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Piper said...

We're so glad you came!! We had such a good time...and I love the pictures!! xoxo