Sunday, July 19, 2009


We did some island hopping last week, and boated over to Plumpers to stay with the George Gong (plus some), for the night.

We brought our tent since my husband suffers from extreme sensitivity to odors and did not want to sleep in the musty sleeping wing.  I'm actually starting to wonder if he might have hyperosmia (an abnormally acute sense of smell).  More on that another time.

My husband also brought a queen foam mattress, which was very heavy, and which we carried from our cabin, into the boat and then into our tent for the night.  I'm not sure what this condition is called, but he is definitely very particular about his bed and bedding.

jake carrying the queen mattress down the ramp

truman with his work gloves on

watching sean's rc boat

sand cakes

will pointing at the rc boat, while making "his sound"

the boys playing at the beach...with some gas cans

cand and lui

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