Sunday, July 19, 2009


It is a quiet night on Pasley.  Daddy went home with Auntie and Rocco, the kids are finally all asleep and we have no visitors staying with us currently.

Normally our evenings are spent trying to convince the kids it is bedtime even though the sun is still out, and then hanging out with our guests outside on the adirondack chairs, often sipping on wine and eating M&M's.  Tonight I have a bit of time to post some photos without feeling rude and antisocial.

Which brings me back 10 days ago to when our good friends from San Francisco came for their 9th Annual Summer visit.  I'm still waiting for them to move back to Vancouver and have not quite accepted the fact that moving is not in their immediate future, at least not to Canada.

the Meighens

look what we made them bring up with them on the ferry!

asher just wakes up

danger rowboat

breakfast chaos

having some breaky with asher

See you guys in October! And I'm not talking BIG smack.

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