Tuesday, December 1, 2009


We celebrated Will's 2nd birthday on the weekend. I have decided that we will always celebrate the weekend before his actual birthday (December 4th), and then we can bring out the Christmas boxes.

We had his party at our house with his cousins, some family friends and a few of his little buddies. Katie made a singing appearance again, Jake served the guests some whiskey sours, we decorated gingerbread houses and played "Will Bingo." Will particularly loved his cake that YaYa made, the balloons and his whoopie cushion (and the gum I put in the loot bags).

I only have a few grainy pictures, since it is dark at 3:00pm these days and it was a dark and rainy day to start with. And besides, putting on a party is sweaty business. No time to take photos amidst the noise and general chaos.

My plan was to take a photo of each guest wearing a mustache disguise. But I only ended up with a photo of Hannah, Clara and a kind of creepy one of my brother. Like I said, I get kind of sweaty at parties.

We did decorate some gingerbread houses! I can cross that off my December list.

And I have to post a picture of "Will Bingo" since it took me a bloody long time to take photos of some of his favourite things. Enough "things" for 12 cards.

We love you so much William! Hope you had a fun party.


Piper said...

Love love love love LOVE the Will Bingo! Well done! And the mustaches are really funny too.
Happy Birthday Will!!

Lori said...

You are an awesome mom!