Monday, December 14, 2009


Since my last post on Wednesday...

I made my annual wreath with my mom and sissy (or more like my mom made my sister's wreath while she was having a bath.) There was a smattering of snow on the ground this morning, so our house looked quite Christmassy:

I went to Christmas high tea with the ladies (so yummy), followed by a little Christmas shopping:

Sam discovered a jar of loose change in the cupboard (mostly pennies), and reassured me that we have lots of money, and not to worry.

The pond down the street has frozen over, which means lots of skating, tag, playing and icicle eating, as well as the kids asking me over and over again when we are going to the pond??

I have continued to take lots of pictures of Will because he doesn't make strange faces (like Clara), or slap his butt (like Sam) when I pull my camera out:

(Sam slapping his butt):

I found a roll of Pilsbury chocolate chip cookie dough swaddled in a blanket and placed in doll's crib in Clara's room. It was very strange. I guess Clara had forgotten she put it there, and had a complete meltdown when I told her we would have to throw it out:

And then just tonight, we visited Santa at the mall. A really good Santa, I must say. He asked the kids if they had any questions, which of course they did, and he was very patient in answering all of them. Although I was distracted, trying to divert Will away from the candies, I did hear Clara ask why he comes to malls to talk to kids? If he cut his beard recently? If she was nice or naughty? and that she wants a bitty baby and a magical and snowy Christmas:

Her new BFF:

He even let them pull on his beard.

Before we arrived, Clara was skeptical. She told me she thought Santa at the mall was just a man dressed up. But now she believes. And I can't promise that Santa will bring her a bitty baby (last day to order for Christmas delivery was the 10th) or a snowy Christmas, but it will be MAGICAL for certain. I can't wait!

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