Thursday, December 3, 2009


Dear Santa,
I Hope you and Mrs. Claus are happy and well, and are feeling organized more organized for Christmas than I am. I have been good this year (except for a few incidences), and although I am mostly excited just to be with my family and do as many Christmassy things possible in the next 21 days, I thought I would include a little list of things I would like, just in case...
  • Mostly, I would like this lens. And I know it is very, very expensive, but I do have a substantial credit with the store already?
  • I really have a love for art supplies, and I would love some gouache paints and brushes, an industrial corner rounder (because I just love to round my corners) and a calligraphy set to practice my hand lettering I said I would learn this year. You can never have too many journals either!
  • I like this stamp set from Small Object. I like making my correspondance look pretty.
  • Which is why I like these labels too (from etsy).
  • I have been dreaming about owning one of these address files from lovely design for over a year now:
  • I would like some frames too, to frame all the art and photographs I have been collecting for my "wall of inspiration." I am a fan of vintage painted frames like these ones:
  • I love books, although truthfully, I haven't figured out when in the day to read. I do know that I would like to own these ones:
  • And how I love garlands and buntings! (photos from my favorite dress, nice and wunderlust on etsy)
  • And I love anything from Nina In Vorm (mostly the ceramic stuff...and I do actually need some bowls).
  • Considering that I wear mostly black and grey in the winter, I think I should own a statement necklace. I almost bought the third one (below), before my husband gave me the big 2 thumbs down. (photos from j crew and anthropologie)
  • I really need to start off my vintage globe collection. I know where I want to display them, but I still don't own a single globe! (photo from lovely design)
  • I would also like to start collecting some vintage letters to hang on our walls. I'm thinking of letters from the names of our family...'R', 'J', 'C', 'S' and 'W'. (photo from hula seventy)
  • And what is a Christmas wish list without some cooking gadgets. I need a garlic press, crepe pan, wok, large omelette pan and serving spoons (the kids used mine as shovels and bent them). And I still would like this panini press. It's on special right now...half price:
Well, I think that covers it. Of course, I still need to find some black heels, and I really like Candiss's boots, and I know UGGS are not "in" this year, but they are just so comfy for school drop off. Jake doesn't like when I wear his boxers to bed, so I guess jammies would be practicable? and how about a little gift card to Sara's Boutique? The Spring collection will be coming out before we know it!

Travel safe Santa. And remember, this list was really just for fun. All I really need, is a good kick in the butt, as Sam would say.


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